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city they will be on the northern end of the storm system and we will see the rise in water out here. we could be looking at a storm surge as high as eight feet. as we coincide that, we are talking about a lot of coastal flooding for many of these people. a lot of flood watches from north carolina and as far inland as cleavland, ohio. this is not just a coast ali vent, but well -- coastal event. >> that does not look good. we will talk about how to prepare for the storm. he will add getting your meds in place for this hurricane. >>> the eastern u.s. faces a threat from hurricane sandy and taking it seriously. that's a good thing. parts of the of the northeast with mandatory evacuations. sandy is whipping the carolinas right now is making her way up the coast. we go live to north carolina where a tropical storm warning and a flood watch are now in affect. elizabeth, what is going on there? we seem to be not getting any reprieve. the wind and rain is relentless, and we are getting pelted by very, very cold rain. the wind is 25 to 30 miles per hour, but we anticipate through the night u
city and long island that anybody has ever experienced, to put that into perspective for you. a very strong, incred iible, daicialtion, potentially deadly storm we are watching. a very interesting or annoying technicality is coming out of the national weather service, and the national hurricane center. tell not be a hurricane. and so when it makes landfall -- meaning meteorologically, it will be a nor'easter, so while it is now hurricane sandy, it won't be a hurricane when it comes ashore. the national hurricane center is -- will not be issuing advisories for it, therefore, no hurricane warnings have been posted. but the impacts and the effects across the northeast will be every bit as bad as a significant hurricane here. so because you are want hearing hurricane warning, tell happen. what is happening, local weather service offices are issuing local wind advisories, to central appalachians to the northeast, high wind warnings, a big inland event. i want to show you the wind field. those are winds, 30 miles per hour. darker blue is 50-mile-per-hour storms. right now, we have the 30-m
system in the country shutting down, effectively bringing new york city to a standstill. president warning people to take this seriously because sandy could possibly be the biggest storm to ever hit the united states mainland. >> my first message is to all the people across the eastern seaboard and atlantic going north that you need to take this very seriously. follow the instructions of your state and local officials because they are going to be providing you with the best advice. >> gregg: this storm is in the minds of all americans including on the campaign trail. here is vice presidential nominee paul ryan a short while ago in ohio? >> let's today when we get home, put in our prayers the people who are in the east coast in the wake of this big storm that is coming. let's not forget those fellow americans of ours. >> gregg: doug is live in delaware where residents are anxiously preparing for sandy? >> it is basically here right now. winds are gusting probably about 30 miles an hour. gusting a bit more than that. gust comes along and knocks you off your feet a little bit. this is
that are going to be in excess of 50 miles per hour. it is going to start toward the big cities along the i-95 corridor and kn continue all the way through the day and the high winds get back to mish ban and illinois. that's one piece of it. there will be snow across the areas. but the most devastating event will be the storm surge here in new york city, long island and new jersey. we'll see the storm surge flooding, farther to the south and the outer banks, where we find elizabeth pran in kill devil hills. what are you seeing? >> reporter: rick, i will actual you, this storm is relentless. we have been getting pummeled by 50-mile-per-hour wind gusts for 6 hours and a sideway, very, very cold rain, filled with sand. if you look at the surf, this in barely see the beach here. very, very punishing waves. so people are afraid that the storm is even preventing a low tide from happening, so homes are only protected by the sand dunes. if we have 24 to 48 more hours of this condition, you can imagine the type of serious flooding we will be facing here, not only flooding, but beach erosion. the main t
cain. and as i drove in today it was good to see the city seems to be doing very, very well. appreciate, mayor, your introduction today, and i know john mccain was worried. he was afraid when he left flight school that the liquid hospitality business would totally collapse, but apparently -- they used to do pretty well. you know, all across america, people are paying a great deal of attention to this race. they recognize this is a critical time for the country. we face big challenges. we have big opportunities. and i know this is a big election. so the crowds are large, and people are paying very close attention. four years ago, then candidate barack obama, spoke about big things. but now he is reduced to talking about small things. he is shrinking from the magnitude of the times. and so he is speaking about characters on sesame street, and silly word games, and attacks on me. look, attacking me is not an agenda for the future and that's why we're replacing him. [cheering] >> you know, his presidency also shrunk from the promises he made as a candidate. he promised his would be a post-partisan
. and it will be towards new york city. we're 36 hours from the main event. i want to show you -- i put the two most reliable computer models on top of each other. where you see the rings, those are rings of consistent pressure and means windy conditions. through time, it starts to split a little bit. by dinnertime tonight but the track is the same, just the timing is different. 5:00 p.m. tomorrow, one of the models shows a center of landfall here in central new jersey. the next one grows and makes landfall also in central jersey. north of that will be significant because of the way the land goes, new york city, long island and north new jersey and the water doesn't have any way to get out, the way the land is shaped. there are a significant storm surge in long island sound exiting through the east river and it won't be able to get out. so we predict a significant storm surge and waves up to 20 feet on top of the storm surge. so very big problems from that. that's the coastal impacts. inland, major impact. it's such a huge storm, wind warnings from maine down into south carolina -- or north carolina
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very cool out across big chunk of the country. 50 over in denver. 59 in rapid city and even cool ouof cleveland, temperatures in the 40s. 53 in new york city. that is for a strong cold front pushing eastward bringing cooler weather in parts of canada through portions of midwest, great lakes and across the northeast. so very cool air down from canada. in parts of the northeast we are dealing with effects from the cold front, showers in pennsylvania and across some of the great lakes. we have a heavier batch of showers move across the new york city area and parts of massachusetts and connecticut. so we had to deal with heavy downpours. there is a bit of a lull but there are areas of drizzle in northern parts of new jersey and upstate new york. at we head to the southeast, it's not producing a lot of rain. light drizzle across parts of the western carolinas. big impact is the cooler air mass that is settling on in. tonight, very cold out across parts of the plains. not as bad in parts of iowa and missouri. last night we were talking about temperatures below 30 degrees, now a little bette
will be your low in pierre and 26° in omaha and 26 in garden city, very cold out here and you will need to pump up the heat and grab the jack and sweater and a lot of the cold air will be lingering for several days, to come, you will notice the cold air will not be leaving quickly, otherwise a quick shot of the cold front, large system, stretching across portions of new england producing showers, already and stretching into parts of the southeast across tennessee and a look at the snowfall, still falling out across western parts of nebraska and kansas, light stuff and down in through portions, again of -- parts of eastern colorado out here and we are seeing the snowfall coming down and slippery roadways, a big issue, for the rest of today and early tomorrow morning and current temperatures, 40s across the midwest and not bad across the northeast, and 62 in new york city and 50 in cleveland and look at tomorrow's high temperature, in new york city, only 54 degrees, really you will notice a difference and, the cold air making it as far south as raleigh, north carolina, 58 degrees, for your high t
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're a little boring. boring. boring. [ jack ] after lauren broke up with me, i went to the citi private pass page and decided to be...not boring. that's how i met marilyn... giada... really good. yes! [ jack ] ...and alicia. ♪ this girl is on fire [ male announcer ] use any citi card to get the benefits of private pass. more concerts, more events, more experiences. [ jack ] hey, who's boring now? [ male announcer ] get more access with the citi card. [ crowd cheering, mouse clicks ] >> welcome back. we are seeing a significant number in the number of young adults suffering strokes in this country. researchers finding young strokes could be due to number of risk factors, high blood pressure, smoking, diabetes, lots of other things. what do we need to know? great to see you. you have removed my brain and have it in front of you. show us with this visual aid, what is a stroke? >> a stroke is like a supply and demand situation. the brain demands blood and we have the heart has to supply it. this is a cross-section of the brain. what you see here is a arterial supply to the brain tissue. a stro
for israel for building homes in their capital city, their own capital city than he has reserved for ahmadinejad for building nuclear weapons with which to threaten the peace and security of the entire world. it is a hard paradox to understand. >> shannon: all right. i want to ask you as well about with the word that we got that a drone, hezbollah is taking credit for the drone that flew miles into israeli air pace. they are making a big deal out of the fact that they were able to get that far and basically intrude into israeli airspace. do you think it was a provokation. do you think it was a test? what are you hearing? >> well, you know, the israeli air force had this on radar. it left lebanon, i understand, went out over the mediterranean and came in over gaza and the o is stensible intent was to prehe tend it had come from gaza. the israelis were aware of it at all times. if, indeed, it was hezbollah or iran's adel attempt, we have to realize iran is the main country behind hezbollah, i would suggest that israel obliged them and came them clear results on their test and blew
moved offshore. behind it, leaving beautiful weather across the northeast. new york city is 64-degrees. carolina in 70s. same for atlanta, georgia. the plains, it warm. 87 in dallas. well above average. rapid city, currently 79-degrees. more than ten degrees above what is typical for this time of the year. many of you are going to notice as we head to the next several day wales start to notice a bit of a pattern change. some of you are seeing the temperatures up to 25-degrees above average. heading to the midweek, you will enjoy the warmth. next weekend, a big drop in temperatures. we're going to see big dip in jetstream. for now, relatively quiet. a foot of snow possible across northern parts of california. a winter storm watch. >> gregg: thank you. >> gregg: few fall-out in wake of the deadly consulate attack in libya as capitol hill digs in to exactly what the white house knew and when. judge jeanine pirro has that ahead. >> heather: blasting obama ahead of the debate for petty attacks on the campaign trail. what impact is this having on the undecided voters? we have a fair and bala
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in the city. purple balloons are going up in a couple of hours. one neighbor told me he robbed a beautiful young life and put a whole community on lockdown. you don't see kids out playing without parents watching them. >> we need to find him. >> reporter: and colorado governor called this an unthinkable end to an unthinkable crime in this community. >> gregg: dan springer live in westminster, colorado's. thanks very much. >> patti ann: after governor romney's strong debate performance last week, new polls show that the debate tightening in nearly a dozen battleground states. what does it mean in the final weeks of campaign season. jamie weanstein is co-author of the shocking inside account of obama's ambitions by an anonymous white house staffer. thank you for joining us. what does president obama need to do to get some momentum back? >> certainly on tuesday he has a chance to reverse his terrible debate performance of october 3rd. that will be another big national stage moment with millions of viewers turning in. if he can try to pick the moey l momentum away from mitt romney during that
live now from the city apopka. and the governor is scheduled to attend a rally. tell us about it. >> we've got a little bit after florida thunderstorm popped up and expected to be gone by the time the governor hits the stage here, and travelling on the i-4 corridor where elections are won and lost in florida and even up, rasmussen has romney up by a couple of points and trying to keep the momentum going from the great debate performance and trying to show voters he's not the scary guy that the obama campaign makes him out to be. and stopping by in a cuban restaurant and shaking hands with the folks and getting takeout and at the a campaign event in st. petersburg looking back on the president's debate performance which many saw as a flop. >> and did you hear what he had to say? i didn't either. i kept looking for a specific plan as to what he was going to do to create jobs and i heard more of the same, stimulus, hiring more government workers and raising taxes and those things don't create jobs, they cost jobs. >> meantime on the campaign trail in ohio, president obama had the fire that
. and she is live in the weather center. pretty day. >> reporter: it's a beautiful day here in new york city. around the northeast, temperatures are above where they should be this time of year. we are at 63 in new york city with a lot of sunshine. get out and enjoy t. but as we head into the center of the country, we are seeing temperatures well above ample, shy of 80 in dalas and san antonio, 10:00 in the morning there. so very warm for early this morning. cooler as you head into the northern midwest,iper 40s in minneapolis and in the afternoon hours, that's when things are going to heat up, especially in texas, 93 in san antonio. some spots in texas may be looking at record-breaking temperatures. 76 in kansas tea approximate and a warm day in dallas with the high of 88 degrees. but like jamie mentioned, we are expecting big-time changes. today, you are talking about more than 15 degrees above the average for this time of year. but we will see a dip in the jet stream, bringing in cooler air from canada, and by later in the week, thursday, friday, saturday, temperatures are going to start t
relieve pain all day with just two pills. good eye. >> we go live to new york city to learn more about bullying. >> numerous bullying stories have surfaced in the last couple of would have gones. an ohio community is coming together after a 10-year-old disabled girl's parents say she was mocked at the bus stop for the way she walks. she has cerebral pallsy and has to use braces. a nine yearly boy teased her for a year on the bus and recently, his dad joined in what they called bullying. her grandmother showed william baillie and his son limping awkwardly, walking down the street. it enraged viewers and hope's parents. >> she has never done anything to deserve anything like that. for him to make fun of her and to have his son do it, too. >> the canton, ohio, community had a pizza party to show support for the family, as well as draw attention to bullying as a whole. we are hearing from bail i wwho said he, quote, loves that little girl and a work injury is to blame for the way he was walking. hope's parents weren't buying it. >> my ribs are bruised. you are holding them ribs in for pres
to vote for for the city council or president. they go for spiritual solace and to learn about the holy scripture, want to be told who is the best president. >> reporter: this is the fifth year of public freedom sunday. the number of pastors has grown three-fold from just last year. their ultimate goal is to have the irs law declared unconstitutional and the other is to have their kong -- congrigants vote their values on election day. >> shannon: it's a bold move. thank you. >> reporter: sure. >> shannon: sarah palin, intimate debails about her life from two people who know her really, really well -- her father and her brother. both of those men will be here after the break. >> shannon: a $5 trillion difference of opinion. the obama campaign says mitt romney's economic plan boils down to a massive tax cut for the wealthiest americans. the romney campaign says, not true. in the next hour, a fair and balanced debate with key members from both sides upon the unemployment rate is down, but is that because americans are down and out and have given up on finding a job? economist ben stein bre
in the key state of the ohio. and another assassination attempt in the libya city of benghazi. officials say a home made bomb was hidden under a police colonels car and no one was exploded because the colonel went back in the house after cranking up the heat of his car to keep it warm. >> endeavor is on a journey. space shuttle is crawling through the streets of los angeles being to yoed to youed to the science center. it is going at a top speed of two miles per hour. and td banks is notifying customers from maine to florida they may be victims of a data breach. unencrypted back up tapes were misplaced. and those are the top stories right now. back to you. >> peter thank you very much. the obama administration is taking heat for the handling of the terror attack in benghazi and lawmakers are determine to get to the bottom of what happened in libya. here's more in washington with the latest to get those answers. >> they started to investigate the lib raattack. the republican senator who lead the security committee said there is a full acting. and they say in a statement we intend to examine t
. the city of newark, new jersey has a new class of firefighters who were heros before they put on their uniforms for the first time since world war two, nearly all of the recruits are veterans. 28 out of 31 and it's no coincidence. there is a new push across the country to hire veterans when they return home. job searching is one of the many struggles they experience while putting their lives back together. last month the unemployment rate was 9.7% for veterans of the wars in iraq and afghanistan. compared to the national average of 7.8%. >> at one point of my career when i got home, it was very hard to find work and i did turn to the g.i. fund and they help you to find employment and advised me. >> singing our national anthem, home of the brave, we've got to create a home for our brave. that means jobs and housing and an opportunity to show the heroism overseas, but come back and serve with the same courage and same valor. this is tremendous. >> the g.i. go fund, nonprofit organization that helps veterans make the transition back to civilian life, helps with recruitment. they
portions of illinois including the city of chicago with damaging wind gusts being the main concerns. isolated tornadoes can't be ruled out. strong winds, strong wind gusts up to 50 miles an hour in portions of midwest down the through ports of tennessee and western portions of mississippi. the storm will head eastbound. that is where it is eded tomorrow right here to new york city. >> gregg: it was gusty this morning. i almost got blown in mcdonald's. >> i would have had a big mac. [ laughter ] >> heather: u.s. troops are taking part in a special program that is now aimed at mentoring afghan special police. with that recent surge with recent green on blue attacks. they are working with their counter narts afghanistan. colonel oliver north is streaming live. hello there colonel. what are folks saying about working with the afghans as a result? >> the classic definition of a hero that puts themselves at risk for the benefit of others. we're with a lot of those kinds of people in the third battalion 8 marines. i'm with two of those heroes right now both heavily armed. beside mee is lan
official who told us he warned the americans of the risks in the city two days before the attack and the americans agreed. now the attack on the consulate is one more example of the instability in this country since the capture and killing of ex-dictator muammar gadhafi. in the past two hours, we have confirmed that the former spokesman for gadhafi was captured south of tripoli today. he's been on the run for more than one year. a lot of instability here. a lot of questions still to be answered. >> a lot of questions to be answered, indeed. greg, thank you for the excellent reporting. by the way, for those of you who may have missed it, catch "special report investigates death and deceit in banghazi" with bret baier. former u.n ambassador to the und nations john bolton will join us. just how far away are we on getting a straight answer on how much the administration knew and when? >> there's new questions concerning the obama administration's handling of the secret service prostitution scandal. remember this? nor ron johnson of wisconsin is flagging what he calls a series of, quo
have cooler weather across the plains. rapid city, starting to see the shift. 58-degrees is the high temperature. 90s across southern texas. the great lakes and engler. the next -- new england. the next storm system is producing rain showers and snowshowers along the higher investigation. the storm is going to push eastward. controlling temperatures to the northwest. next weekend, 25-degrees below cooler. the winter weather watch is in effect across the california. the next storm that can dump a foot of snow across the higher elevation. >> maria live in weather center. thank you. >> the biggest chain storms are fighting for your business. chains like target and best buy are planning to match the prices of their online competitors. anna, hello. we like when they start fighting each other. >> a recent survey by william blair and company found on average target prices were 14% higher than amazon. best buy were 16% higher. wal-mart's prices were #% higher. target say they will roll out price matching monds. best buy price matches effective immediately with the exception of week of thanks
in the other counties where he is softer. and three city stop in florida and kissime. and orlando lakes north of tampa and traveling back and forth in the i-four corridor and taking the state of florida. he is ahead by a couple of points. but you can't take it for granted here in florida. at this speech, he will build on the themes he talked about everything. he is adopting a lot of what president obama was saying. big change is needed from the next administration and because there was a huge military presence egegland air force base and pensacola naval station, he would talk about the potential defense cuts under sequestration and obama trimming back. we are about to hit the national anthem and i probably shouldn't talk over that. and another significant thing happening today. early voting begins in florida today. get out and vote before election day. historically republicans had the edge with absentee vote and democrats had the vote with them voting early. >> john, thank you very much and continue our live team coverage with ed henry in new hampshire with the obama campaign. ed, what can yo
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 56 (some duplicates have been removed)